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    City of West Valley City

    4.2.5 Long‐Term Storm Water Management in New Development and Redevelopment

    West Valley City is continuing to develop a long-term storm water management program. West Valley City requires new developments and redeveloped sites greater than or equal to one acre to apply for a Storm Water Construction Permit and a Long Term Storm Water Management Permit per City Code Section 18-2-101. Prior to issuance of these permits, a site plan review process evaluates storm water controls proposed for the site.

    As part of the update to the long term storm water management program, the West Valley City Engineering Standards have been developed and will be adopted by City Council in November 2015. Included in these standards are requirements to promote the pre-development hydrology for new developments or improve the hydrology of a redeveloped site and reduce storm water discharge.

    Engineering Standards have been provided to the Division of Water Quality. Long‐Term Storm Water Control Requirements

    Prior to the issuance of the Storm Water Construction Permit and the Long Term Storm Water Management Permit, commercial projects must include in their design an oil/water separator for all parking areas. Commercial developments are also required to include BMPs as described in the Outline for Storm Water Management Plan. This outline is provided to all developers applying for these permits and is included in Appendix E.

    Modifications and updates to the West Valley City Code are being made concurrent to the adoption of the Engineering Standards. Part of the updates include using Engineering Standards established by the West Valley City Engineering Division with more specific BMP selection, design, installation, operation and maintenance requirements to meet the requirements of this minimum control measure. Long‐Term Enforcement Strategy

    A site plan review is required as part of the process to receive storm water permits from the City. During the site plan review, it can be verified that the development includes long-term storm water protection measures as required. Site inspections are completed during construction which ensure that proposed long-term storm water protection measures are installed and perform their function properly. Where violations exist, the Escalating Enforcement procedures found in Appendix G will be followed to ensure compliance. These procedures may include citations, fees and/or requirements to correct deficiencies.

    West Valley City Code, Sections 18-9-113 through 18-9-116 and Sections 10-2 through 10-4 authorizes the use of these enforcement strategies. Sanctions for Violations

    Steps to impose sanctions against violations of the West Valley City Code are found in the Escalating Enforcement Procedures located in Appendix G. These steps range from verbal warnings to civil, criminal and/or other legal remedies to bring a violation into compliance. Recalcitrant violators who continue to refuse compliance will be imposed higher escalating sanctions, fees and/or other legal remedies until compliance is achieved and any additional judgments levied upon the violator by the Administrative Judge are fulfilled. The same process may be followed for chronic violators who continue to commit the same violation in order to ensure future compliance. BMP Selection

    The Long-Term Storm Water Management Program will require BMPs to be installed in new developments. These requirements are intended to protect water quality by installing BMPs which reduce targeted pollutants for the proposed use. Redevelopment projects will be required to install BMPs which will reduce the amount of pollutants the site currently contributes to the storm water system.

    Developers and owners will be required to submit documentation about their proposed BMPs, which include how the BMP was selected; the pollutant removal expected from the proposed BMP; and the technical basis which supports performance claims. Site Inspection and Enforcement of Long‐Term Measures

    West Valley City has an active program to perform post-construction inspections for any site which has an active Storm Water Management Permit. The SOP for inspecting and enforcing maintenance of required storm water control measures is included in Appendix G. Private Property Access for Inspections

    West Valley City Code, Sections18-5-404 through 18-5-406 and the Storm Water Management Permit provide authority to West Valley City to access private property for inspection purposes during construction and post-construction. This applies only to sites with an active Storm Water Management Permit. West Valley City Storm Water Inspectors will perform all inspections. West Valley City Code Section 18-5-405 allows us to impose enforcement measures as necessary to ensure compliance of storm water facility maintenance. Permanent Structural BMP Inspections during Construction

    Permanent structural BMPs will be inspected at least once during installation by West Valley City Storm Water Enforcement Personnel to ensure proper installation. Annual Inspection Reports

    Annual inspections will be completed by West Valley City Public Works Department on all postconstruction controls. A copy of the inspection form is included in Appendix E. Post‐Construction Structural Controls Inventory

    West Valley City maintains a spreadsheet which lists all sites that have been issued a Storm Water Management Permit. Individual structural controls for these sites are not inventoried but are shown on development and redevelopment plans which are stored in the SIRE database. A Cityworks database has been developed and is being implemented to manage postconstruction permits and BMPs, and will serve as the post-construction structural controls inventory. Inventory Data Collection

    As West Valley City implements the inventory tracking database, each inventory entry will include the information required in the permit. Inventory Updates

    After annual inspections are completed for post-construction storm water control measures, updated information is recorded on the inspection form. Updates will also be recorded electronically when West Valley City develops an inventory tracking database.


    West Valley City Stormwater Management Plan