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    City of Minneapolis

    Minneapolis Water Resources Management Plan Report, 2018

    Private Stormwater Drains and Industrial Stormwater

    "New private stormwater drains that connect to the City’s stormwater system are required to obtain a Utility Connection Permit from the City. Private stormwater outfalls that discharge directly to a surface water are also subject to the City’s Utility Connection Permit. Owners of private stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) are required to register the BMP with the City’s Public Works Department. The MPCA requires certain industrial facilities to obtain an Industrial Stormwater General Permit. MPCA records list 160 permits issued to Minneapolis industrial facilities as of May 1, 2016. The City does not maintain an active list of private and/or industrial stormwater permits that are managed by other public agencies."

    Relationship to Minneapolis Stormwater Management Program

    "The Minneapolis Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) is a federally required document that has been prepared in compliance with the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permit which is overseen by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). This WRMP is a planning document that must comply with requirements established by the State of Minnesota and overseen by the Minnesota BWSR and local watershed management organizations. These two documents have the overall goal of improvement of the quality of water resources but have different implementation approaches. The SWMP has a focus on specific SMPs as required in the City’s NPDES stormwater permit. The content of the SWMP is not duplicated in this WRMP, but is referenced wherever relevant. This WRMP has a broader view that includes the additional water management activities such as management of the surface waters, monitoring, relationship with the City’s goals, and management of the City’s sanitary collection system, among other planning level activities.

    The NPDES Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Phase I Annual Report reports on stormwater related activities governed by the City’s NPDES permit. The report summarizes stormwater maintenance activities, development/redevelopment permits, erosion and sediment control permits/inspection, street maintenance, vegetation management, illicit discharge inspections, new construction, public education efforts, public agency coordination, and stormwater monitoring conducted during the previous year."

    Stormwater Management Standards for Development and Redevelopment/Post-Construction Stormwater Management

    "Shortly after the adoption of this WRMP, the Guide will be updated to reflect ordinance changes. Onsite stormwater management has been required since 1999 by the City as a condition of site plan approval for developments and redevelopments for projects that disturb more than one acre. Chapter 54 of the Code of Ordinances established this requirement, applied pollutant reduction goals for projects that require post-construction stormwater management, and recommended that infiltration (stormwater volume reduction) be maximized to the greatest possible degree except in the cases of likely stormwater contamination (stormwater hotspots). Stormwater management plans submitted for Minneapolis Development Review must provide for stormwater controls to meet the pollution reduction goals contained in Chapter 54."

    Code of Ordinances: Chapter 54 Storm Water Management

    54.90. Responsibility following construction/completion.

    (a) Duration.
    An approved storm water management plan shall remain in effect unless cancellation is approved by the city engineer. All site areas used for the purpose of flood storage or treatment of storm water runoff shall be preserved and maintained for that use, including areas required for maintenance and inspection.

    (b) Changes to plans.
    A responsible party can request modifications to an approved storm water management plan, and the issuing authority can order modifications to an approved storm water management plan. Any modification to an approved storm water management plan must be approved by the city engineer.

    (c) Annual notification.
    The assistant city coordinator of regulatory services shall annually notify responsible parties of storm water management devices of the need to register, that the devices are subject to annual inspection, and to conduct maintenance on a one (1) year interval or in accordance with maintenance plans on file.

    (d) Annual site registration.
    Any person(s), organization, company, group, or any other entity, public or private, in control of storm water management devices installed under this ordinance or existing prior to this ordinance shall register that site annually with the assistant city coordinator of regulatory services, remit an annual registration fee at the rate as established in Appendix J, License Fees Schedule per storm water management device. Submission and payment confirm that the site's storm water management devices have been inspected, maintained and are functioning satisfactorily. The annual fee shall be due and payable on January 31st of each year. If registration is not received or postmarked on or before January 31st of each year, the applicant shall pay late fees provided for such registration. Failure to obtain the appropriate permit prior to discharging will result in a doubling of fees. Each day of failure to maintain or obtain registration may constitute a separate violation of this Code.

    (e) Annual inspection of storm water facilities.
    All storm water management devices are subject to annual inspection by the assistant city coordinator of regulatory services. If the city engineer or assistant city coordinator of regulatory services deems that devices are not functioning satisfactorily, a notice of noncompliance may be issued and procedures followed as described in Section 54.90(f)(2).

    (f) Maintenance of storm water constructed facilities.

    (1) Regular maintenance.
    Regular maintenance of storm water management constructed facilities in accordance with the approved plan shall be required unless the plan is modified and approved by the city engineer ([section] 54.90(2)). All facilities shall be maintained in proper condition for sustained use, consistent with the performance standards for which they were originally designed.

    a. All settled materials from ponds, sumps, grit chambers, and other devices, including settled solids, shall be removed and properly disposed of.

    b. All planted materials integral to storm water facility performance, safety, and/or aesthetic quality shall be maintained in proper condition consistent with design performance standards, including replacement when necessary.

    (2) Action upon non-compliance.
    In the event maintenance does not conform to the approved plan or to any instructions of the issuing authority, notice to comply shall be given to the responsible party in writing. After a notice to comply is given, in the determination of the issuing authority, the responsible party shall be required to make the corrections within the time period determined by the issuing authority. If an imminent hazard exists, the issuing authority may require that the corrective work begin immediately. Failure of the responsible party to comply with the directives of section 54.90(f)(1) will constitute a violation pursuant to section 54.90(f)(2), and the issuing authority may proceed with the necessary maintenance of the site at the expense of the responsible party. The responsible party will be billed for the expenses incurred by the issuing authority. Failure to pay will resulting the issuing authority seeking recovery of costs and damages pursuant to the conditions set forth in section 54.120. (99-Or-156, § 1, 11-24-99; 2006-Or-052, § 2, 5-12-06; Ord. No. 2009-Or-019, § 1, 3-6-09)

    54.100. Liability.

    The responsible party is responsible for safe and legal compliance with Chapter 54. Neither approval under the provisions of Chapter 54, nor the compliance with the provisions hereto or with any condition imposed by the issuing authority, shall relieve any person from responsibility for damage to persons or property resulting therefrom, or as otherwise imposed by law, nor impose any liability upon the city for damages to persons or property. (99-Or-156, § 1, 11-24-99)54.110. Administration and enforcement. The issuing authority shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of Chapter 54. Land use and building permits will not be issued until a Storm Water Management Plan has been approved. The issuing authority may post a stopwork order if any land disturbing activity regulated under Chapter 54 is being undertaken without an approved Storm Water Management Plan or if any of the conditions of the Storm Water Management Plan are not being met. (99-Or-156, § 1, 11-24-99) 54.120. Penalties. Any person, firm, corporation or agency acting as property owner, responsible party, or otherwise, who fails to comply with the provisions of this Chapter 54 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (99-Or-156, § 1, 11-24-99)


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